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Family law deals primarily with the relationships between family members, and the issues that they may face over time.

Perhaps the most common subject matter for family lawyers is divorce. This can be a procedure that for some will be extremely straightforward and stress-free. However, for many, it can be an extraordinarily difficult period of their lives that is both financially and emotionally draining. The larger the family, or the more assets they have to divide up, the more complex the divorce can be.

When it comes to dividing the family assets, it is important to agree on the date of separation. This is the cut-off for what will and won’t be split between the parties. Bank accounts, pensions, property and moveable items like cars and even furniture will be ‘frozen’ in time, and nothing past this point will be included in any settlement. Clearly, the date of separation is an oft-contested issue – especially if one party has come into money unexpectedly, perhaps through an inheritance or promotion at work.

The other major dispute many divorces face is that of children – especially if they are very young. Agreeing on child arrangements such as maintenance or contact can be challenging. There’s no hard and fast rule about which parent a child should live with, and more and more parents are reaching tailored arrangements that suit their specific needs. At times, sensitive issues such as DNA testing or even child abduction may need to be addressed. A good family lawyer will understand all of this and seek to settle matters in a way that all parties can agree on. No one wants their divorce to end up going through the court system, but should the worst happen it is vital you are fully prepared, armed with the knowledge you need to move forward and the confidence that your lawyer will represent you fairly.

But family law also covers other subject matters. Perhaps you’re just looking for advice on marriage or civil partnerships, for instance, or for someone to discuss the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement with. From assistance with adoption and fostering, to co-habitation rights and property settlements, family law is a very wide area.

Family lawyers are a vital part of the legal system, often going far beyond their remit and straying into the realm of counsellors. They understand the importance of listening, and that sometimes just being a shoulder to cry on or a person to vent at can be just as essential as providing solid legal advice. Using ReviewSolicitors, you can find the right solicitor for your legal issue.

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