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Immigration is an important issue around the world. Classed as the movement of people from one country to another - normally with the intention of settling there permanently.

Immigrants are motivated by a number of potential factors. The move may be due to a job opportunity, reunification with family members in a different part of the world, politically motivated, - perhaps due to atrocities happening in their home country, due to natural disasters or the simple wish to retire elsewhere. The reasons behind immigration are numerous.

The rules on immigration into the UK differ depending on where the person is travelling from. The EU, for instance, has fairly simple laws on the movement of people. There is no restriction on a person travelling between any member countries of the European Union, whether that is for work or retirement, or anything in-between. Indeed, in most member states (not the UK) there isn’t even a need to use a passport to travel. The goal for immigration within the EU was to keep things straightforward and clear.

Outside the EU, however, the process is often far more difficult. Those wishing to move to the USA must pass a rigorous series of procedures including receiving sponsorship from a current US citizen. This is the first step of many to receiving a permanent US visa. The most common method is through either marriage to a US citizen or the offer of employment from a US company. Australia uses a points-based immigration system. Potential immigrants score points based on their employment status, what skills they can bring to the country, what level of education they have, and so on. Like the US, they also offer visas based on family ties. After four years, the opportunity arises to upgrade this to a permanent citizenship.

Many immigrants, however, do not fit the profiles above. Those who arrive in the UK by any method other than official channels are classed as illegal immigrants. They face a number of challenges when they arrive in UK. As they are not eligible for any state benefits, or the use of the NHS. They do not have the right to vote and finding work can be extremely difficult due to issues such as opening a bank account and finding a permanent residence. If they are discovered, they face deportation, and many refugees who arrive in the UK seek political asylum to be granted leave to remain in the country. Political asylum is an ancient judicial concept, under which a person is granted the right to live in a foreign country, by the government of that country, when they have to leave their own due to risk of persecution.

Immigration can be extremely complex, and seeking the correct local advice is important. Using ReviewSolicitors, you can find the right solicitor for your legal issue.

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