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vivian Added 4 years ago 13 found this helpful Report to admin
June 14, 2019 20190614174052

Niall T P O'Sullivan


A solicitor that DEMANDS money to be taken out of a third party's bank account and then use it for SELF-GAIN should be under the strict supervision of another solicitor at all times.

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Eamon Added 5 years ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin
October 18, 2018 20181018112744

Fast efficient and informative


From the moment i entered Stokes to when my case was settle by Niall o Sullivan was a very easy efficient process. I was kept informed at every update that was available and he handled my case with through proffessionalism. I don't know what happened in the past but im sure he has learned from it and came back better and stronger. He is very kind and courteous and i would highly recommend him now.

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Vivian Added 6 years ago 11 found this helpful Report to admin
July 06, 2017 20170706152415

Niall T P O'Sullivan ( 9 Shears Street, Cork. Ireland )


Niall T P O'Sullivan (Adrian Stokes and Amanda Stokes) t/a Stokes & Co 20 Grand Parade, Cork, have been sued by Vivian Carter for Negligence, Breach of Duty and breach of contract with regard to a court case between CARTER-V-ROSS details of which are online under CARTER-V-ROSS also under Phyllis Mulcahy Waterfall,Cork. I had no previous dealings with this firm of Solicitors, in fact, I had never heard of them, it was the owner of the Nursing Home where my Uncle resided who pointed me in the direction of Niall O'Sullivan, I called to their Office purely to establish where I stood with my Uncle, that same day Niall O'Sullivan ran wild after our discussion and got me into serious trouble in a matter of days, so much so, there was no turning back. Niall O'Sullivan's lies and deceit, before, during and after the Court hearings were horrific and destroys the trust that a person puts in a solicitor DETAILS BELOW OF HOW HE CONNED ME BIG-TIME with regard to the case he took against my Uncle.
(a) Failed to have any or any adequate regard to the Opinion of Counsel. (b) Failed to disclose the existence of such an Opinion to the Plaintiff (c) Failed to disclose the contents of same. (d) Failed to discuss the contents of same with the Plaintiff prior to the institution of proceedings. (e) Instituted proceedings without the instructions of the Plaintiff. (f) Failed to exercise the skill and care reasonably to be expected of a person in his position.(g) Failed to appraise the Plaintiff of the entire set of facts so as to enable him to make an informed decision as to whether or not to institute proceedings.(h) Failed to advise the Plaintiff against instituting proceedings having regard to Counsel's Opinion and his own professional experience.(i) Failed to advise or properly advise the Plaintiff in relation to the chances of success on appeal. (j) Failed to advise the plaintiff of the costs implications in the event of an unsuccessful result including the result on appeal.(k) Failed to warn the plaintiff of the considerable risks associated with running the case.(l) Failed to act in a professional manner.(m) Failed to advise the plaintiff of the risks of losing the appeal.(n) Advised the plaintiff that the case stood an excellent chance of success when in fact it did not.(o) Failed to act in accordance with section 68 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act 1994.
After the Court cases that he took against my Uncle, I then took action against him in the year 2003 which finished in 2016, the end result, I received €70,000 less than the actual costs of the Court cases from Stokes & Co's Insurers. It does not seem right to me that I was not fully reimbursed because I was wronged to the extreme. If anyone can help in this regard, please contact Vivian Carter, my email address: [email protected]
WARNING: Unfortunately, I was informed too late that Niall O'Sullivan was struck off the Roll of Solicitors for years by the Law Society of Ireland, he was then given another chance at being a practising solicitor by Amanda Stokes (at that time she was at 20 Grand Parade, Cork) she employed him for a period he then asked to be made a partner in Stokes & Co when he was made a partner and felt secure he then took me to the cleaners.
He is now trading under the name of STOKES & CO, 9 SHEARS STREET, CORK.

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Vivian Added 6 years ago 27 found this helpful Report to admin
April 26, 2017 20170426120011

Niall O'Sullivan t/a Stokes and co Solicitors Cork



Niall O'Sullivan was struck off the solicitors roll for years and is now trading under the name of STOKES & CO Solicitors 9 Shears Street, Cork.
Please go to the GOOGLE REVIEW on Stokes and Co's web page to read about his latest victim.

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vivian Added 7 years ago 21 found this helpful Report to admin
December 25, 2016 20161225100608



Niall T P O'Sullivan, Adrian Stokes and Amanda R Stokes t/a Stokes & Co, Solicitors 9 Sheares St, Centre, Cork , have been sued by Vivian Carter for; NEGLIGENCE and BREACH OF DUTY and BREACH OF CONTRACT with regard to a Court case between CARTER-V-ROSS.
Details online under Carter-v-Ross also under Phyllis Mulcahy Waterfall Cork .
This firm of solicitors DESTROYED me, at the end of it all, their Insurers left me with a €70,000 shortfall in actual costs of the case.
Please go to Stokes & Co's webpage or for further details.

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