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3 Customer Reviews


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Mattia Added 3 years ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
January 18, 2020 20200118172714

Highly recommended


John Collins was very helpful and very professional all through a property sale which turned out to be longer and more stressful than expected both by him and us. During the whole process we could rely on him, feeling we were in good hands and he was doing all the right things, the best he could for us.
He always kept us updated and not only put in a lot of work but also tried everything he could to push the other party and their solicitor into acting on what was needed, so as to speed up the process.
He explained what we didn't know or could not understand, he told us what to expect when things were getting hard and was always ready to advise us on our options.
We believe his initial fee was reasonable and he was very sincere and honest in requesting an additional fee, once again very reasonable, for the unexpected additional work he had to do.
We never had anything to complain about his dealings and we always felt we couldn't have received better service by anyone else, so we definitely recommend him.

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Barry Added 3 years ago Report to admin
June 04, 2019 20190604051142

Disgusting Solicitor uses BS non existent clients to make up a good review


Forget using a Solicitor in Ireland Daniel is not real

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Daniel Added 4 years ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
October 26, 2018 20181026141614

Exceptional Service


Fitzmaurice Ludlow solicitors take care of clients such as myself. I had a property for sale in Co. Cork,
and John Collins, Esquire, handled the sale, even though I was far off in America.
The sale, Closing, transfer of monies, dealings with the Irish governments Digital Mapping system, (this Digital Mapping ran a line through my house) engineers to rectify the digital mapping errors, Communication with surveyors and mountains of paperwork correspondence with Irish land agencies, was taken care of with fast results and a minimum of heartache for me. My lawyer, Mr.John Collins, and his entire staff, were always available to keep me updated and informed as to the sale proceedings.
I could not be happier with the recent sale of my property and all thanks to Fitzmaurice Ludlow, East Green, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland

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