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2 Customer Reviews


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Julie Added 6 years ago 8 found this helpful Report to admin
May 04, 2017 20170504141122



This man is either the most laid back in the world, or cleverest when it comes to conning people into handing over their money, he'll take your money for very little work, and when it comes to it will charge you for reading your emails and then not respond to them. If you tell him you want him to handle the case another way, he'll likely threaten to walk and leave you in the lurch, telling you his way is best, which conveniently always seems involve a lot of waiting and subsequently more monthly court fees, in which he'd turn up but do nothing.

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Justin Added 7 years ago 8 found this helpful Report to admin
February 09, 2017 20170209193737

Total dedication, transperency, and professionalism.


Little to say other than Ken Smyth is the finest solicitor I have ever used and is also a wonderful honest individual. I believe his track record speaks for itself.

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