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3 Customer Reviews


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Anonymous Added 4 years ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
September 25, 2019 20190925104134

Excellent Solicitor


Baiba in Fidelma T Bane and the team is one the best lawyers and provided me with excellent legal advice and services for nearly four (4) years now. Each time the job was done with knowledge and soul, explaining everything and came through with all questionable issues. I found her to be reliable, courteous, punctual, professional and highly recommend her without any reservations.

If you will decide to work with Fidelma T Bane, Baiba and the team you won’t regret it. Shel helped me to deal with several immigration Department applications/ issues and trust me without her I won’t be able to make it. Even after closing the applications, when something required additional attention, everything we’re taken care of completely.

Thank you Fidelma T Bane, Baiba and the team!

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whatcha Added 5 years ago 19 found this helpful Report to admin
October 20, 2017 20171020024044



You would be better representing yourself although this is frowned upon by judges so just find another solicitor.

It's amazing this woman has a practice at all,albeit a converted apartment above a retail park. I should have seen the signs!

Foreign secretary without fluent English makes communication difficult and actually led to misinformation.

Scruffy and unkempt in appearance, I was embarrassed to be seen in the courthouse with Fidelma. Litigation skills are nil. You actually have to outline the points you need contested or the other solicitor will just have a field day.

I had no choice but to use her as I didn't have time to find a replacement due to proximity of court hearing. Anyone else could do a better job. I was astounded at the lack of interest, ability and level of professionalism displayed.

They're still out there folks...and this is one to avoid....

Best of luck with your case....I hope you find someone useful.

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whatcha Added 6 years ago 20 found this helpful Report to admin
July 04, 2017 20170704114021

way below standard


i found Fidelma Bane solicitors provide a really poor service. i found the practice unprofessional at best. Like they just started out and dont really know whats going on. They wouldnt inspire confidence and i certainly wouldnt like to entrust any important issues with them.

I used Fidelma before realising what i had done and moved to a 'real' solicitior shortly afterwards.
The difference was unbelievable. Amazing what people can get away with really....and if you had little experience of solicitors,how would you know until you tried another after?

anyway...there is so much choice out really should just take the time to choose someone decent for your money.

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