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Alex Added 9 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
August 14, 2018 20180814122656

Rude lady, shouting at clients, totally unprofessional and with bad manners. NOT RECOMMENDING


I deal with solicitors all the time and never had any issue or poor customer service. This is so far the WORST experience ever... Would not recommend Sarah Ryan to anyone! Very rude and unpleasant lady.
I contacted her yesterday requesting an appointment to be represented in court. I asked if I can send her the documents I had prepared to review them in advance of our meeting to speed up time. She gave me a slot today and said no need to send anything and to just come in. When I came this morning, had to wait 20 min (I was the 1st client, so there was nobody before me). After I was admitted and had a quick chat with her, she started shouting with me why I didn't bring documents to sign. She didn't even ask when is the court date, didn't say her fees, but demanded to be shown documents raising her voice in printed format. She said I wasted her time. The document are supposed to be drafted first by a solicitor. And she demanded to have them ready expecting. Really? I was shocked and was smiling at her not sure how to react to a solicitor raising her voice using profane language with a business client.
This is totally NOT PROFESSIONAL. I left the office like someone just has poured a bucket of waste on me and will never come back again. I will file a complaint about her unprofessional conduct to the Law Society of Ireland.
Sarah Ryan is probably used to deal with criminal case and is not educated to deal with business clients raising her voice and tone.
I don't usually write negative reviews and prefer not to waste my time on putting someone's reputation at risk with my negative comments, but I feel like my experience has to be shared with public to prevent similar abuse in the future to potential clients of Sarah Ryan.
One more comment to add: the waiting area needs to be painted, the walls are dirty, the little table has 6-8 gossip and tabloid magazines instead of business newspapers to read. This speaks a lot about the sort of attitude and expected behaviour towards clients of her solicitor practice...

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Stephen Added 2 years ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin
July 01, 2016 20160701074830

Best free aid in Limerick


She is very good best i have had and iv had a few, really a nice lady.

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